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17.What medical and safety provisions does the school provide?

17.What medical and safety provisions does the school provide?

Sky Avenues has a school nurse on the campus at all times during school hours and any children who are feeling unwell will be assessed by her. Minor ailments will be dealt with in our nurses room. In the event of a more serious problem, children will be taken to the nearest hospital. All medicines and medical equipment are kept locked in the nurses room and may only be administered by the nurse or a professional. If your child is taking any medication, please talk to the school in advance.

All of our staff also receive annual first aid training in case of an emergency.

Safety is paramount and as such we have full-time security guards on site during school hours. Outside drop off and collection times, the school gates are kept locked and visitors may not enter without approval and a pass.

All parents are issued with a Student Card and this must be used every time you enter or leave the campus. Everyone entering the campus also undergoes a quick temperature check to ensure that the spread of illnesses is kept to a minimum.