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1.What is the difference between Sky Avenues and a regular kindergarten?

1.What is the difference between Sky Avenues and a regular kindergarten?

Sky Avenues is Xiamens first fully international English immersion kindergarten. There are many kindergartens in China who offer some English language training as part of their system, but in all other aspects they are a regular local kindergarten. However, at Sky Avenues, we offer a complete western-style curriculum and learning environment. Our curriculum follows the National Early Years Learning Framework of Australia and we have strong affiliations with James Cook University in Australia which is specialised in early childhood education.

Our school operates a 100% English policy in classes and children have their qualified native English class teacher with them in the classroom throughout the entire school day.

However, we are far more than just an English speaking school C Sky Avenues offers your child the opportunity to learn and develop as part of an international community. Our teachers (who come from all over the world) have a vast wealth of global teaching experience and follow a western methodology and approach to education. A programme of continual professional development for the staff ensures that our high standards are maintained and teachers are constantly informed of new educational practices.

All of our classrooms and facilities adhere to both Chinese and International standards and our menu also reflects both Western and Asian cuisine.

To experience for yourself our rich dynamic learning environment, please contact the admissions department to arrange a tour of the school.