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3.What curriculum does Sky Avenues follow?

3.What curriculum does Sky Avenues follow?

Our curriculum is a specialised Western course based on the Australian Early Years Learning Framework ¡®Belonging, Being & Becoming¡¯. It has been designed expressly to develop and nurture young children learning in an international, English language environment where English is not the native language of the surrounding area.

We appreciate that children are inbuilt with an inquisitive mind and a desire to learn, and our learning structure expands on this theory. Children learn through a mixture of both child-initiated and teacher-directed activities and we acknowledge that meaningful learning and play enriches a student¡¯s childhood.

As an international school we also encourage children to be caring and mindful of other children and cultures and we develop skills that will enable them to move easily and fluidly between societies ¨C a skill we think is essential in today¡¯s global community.

We further believe that a child¡¯s learning isn¡¯t restricted to the classroom. We encourage families to play an important role in their child¡¯s education and we also consider outdoor play and a healthy lifestyle a factor in developing happy and confident learners.

For more information about our curriculum, please visit Our Framework and Our Curriculum pages