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14.How will I be kept informed of my childĄ¯s activities in school?

14.How will I be kept informed of my childĄ¯s activities in school?

It is very important to us that you are involved with your childĄ¯s education as much as possible. For small matters or questions, please feel free to chat with your childĄ¯s class teachers when you drop off/collect your children at their classroom in the mornings/afternoons. The school Principal is also in the lobby during morning drop off times.

There is a parent notice board where messages are placed and important letters will be sent home in childrenĄ¯s lockers/bags ¨C so please check these daily.

Each day you will receive a Daily Report Slip in your childĄ¯s bag detailing your childĄ¯s eating, sleeping and general mood from the day.

Parents also receive an online weekly class report briefly explaining which activities the children have undertaken during school and suggested activities for you to build on these at home. Teachers are encouraged to take photographs during various activities throughout the week and some photos are included with the weekly report.

In addition to your daily contact with the school, Individual Parent Teacher Conferences take place towards the end of each semester. These comprise a detailed report of your childĄ¯s progress during the semester and an in-depth meeting with the teachers during which they will show you examples from your childĄ¯s unique portfolio.

Additionally, if you would like to arrange a private meeting with the School Principal at any time to discuss your childĄ¯s education, please contact reception to set up a time.