A full day programme for 6 year old children, our kindergarten class is our students¡¯ final step before ¡®big school¡¯.

As with all our classes, there is an emphasis on learning through play and children follow a series of exciting and engaging monthly topics. However, in this final year there is a more structured timetable ensuring that your child is fully prepared for their entry into Primary School.

Our monthly topics are carefully chosen to inspire children in more extensive, ongoing project work and to instill a desire for learning and individual discovery. Sky Avenues is dedicated to producing lifelong learners who enjoy learning and exploring ideas long into adulthood.

In addition to the structured classes, teachers ensure that we also develop your child¡¯s independence, social skills and confidence in readiness for the changes ahead ¨C whether that be entering a local Chinese school or moving on to an International School.

Whatever your family¡¯s decision, our staff are on hand to advise and prepare your child for the future.