Our Nursery class offers a full-day programme for 2 to 3 year olds.

For many children this is their first time away from their family and so we offer a holistic, nurturing approach to our classes. Our teaching places a lot of emphasis on the emotional development of your child C helping them to socialise, share and partake in group activities C as well as introducing simple language, number, science and creative activities.

Much of a childs development up to this point has been reliant on assistance from parents and families but in our nursery classroom we provide the encouragement and controlled situations for children to discover their independence and to explore their abilities.

As with all our programmes, we emphasis learning through play. Children at a young age are more receptive to learning when it is carried out in a fun and stimulating activity.

We appreciate the different requirements of each child and family at this stage and we believe in working together with parents to ensure that each child settles into the school environment as seamlessly as possible.

For those children who are experiencing leaving Mum and Dad for the first time, our teachers are well practiced in parent-child separation techniques. If parents have any questions on the best way to transition children into school, our staff are always happy to help.