Our Curriculum

Giving children the best learning experience

In addition to the Early Years Learning Framework for Australia, the Sky Avenues curriculum also includes a series of Learning Principals, Learning Goals and Monthly Themes.


Learning Principals

Sky Avenues International Kindergarten:


- Provides a rich, varied and stimulating programme of learning that is age-appropriate and develops in complexity over time.


- Ensures classrooms promote a 100% English immersion environment and that children are encouraged to use English as much as possible.

- Uses a policy of intentional teaching that stimulates, entertains and challenges children.


- Creates safe, friendly, interesting and inspiring learning environments that encourage children to explore ideas, solve problems, experiment, create and construct.


- Encourages children to be creative, use their imagination, be independent and use their imagination.


- Focuses on all aspects of a childs education and wellbeing.


- Fosters a community that is caring, sharing, tolerant, respectful and culturally aware.


- Allows time every day for both teacher-led whole class learning and also free choice student-initiated learning either individually or in small groups.


- Works together with families C providing parents with Daily Reports, Weekly Class Updates, Monthly Newsletters and individual Parent Teacher Conferences each semester.


- Employs a programme of continuous student assessment.


Learning Goals

Sky Avenues follows its own specifically designed Curriculum Learning Goals. These give detailed targets that your child should be able to achieve for each level.

The eight areas these focus on are:


1. Social & Emotional Development

2. Approaches to Learning

3. Creative Arts

4. Language & Literacy

5. Healthy Habits

6. Physical Development

7. Mathematics

8. Science


A full copy of our Curriculum Learning Goals is available to view at the School Reception.


Monthly Themes

Each class also has a set of carefully selected Monthly Themes which provides children with a diverse and rich learning platform which gradually becomes more complex as students move up the school.

Each theme includes activities in: Language, Maths, Science, Art, Music, Physical Development and Healthy Living.
It should be noted that not every activity the children undertake necessarily follows the monthly theme. However, research shows that children respond well to having regular, defined topics of study.


A full copy of our Monthly Themes is available to view at the School Reception.