Tasty and healthy

We think diet is an important part of a child¡¯s education and therefore we offer a healthy, balanced menu featuring both Asian and some simple Western foods.

Our menu is specifically devised by our Principal, school nurse and chef to encompass all the essential food groups and adheres to our school Food Policy. This policy is primarily based on the ¡®Food and Drink Guidelines for Early Years¡¯ from the Children¡¯s Food Trust. A full copy of this is available to view (in English) at reception. Highlights are posted on our ¡®I Love Food¡¯ board.

All of our foods are homemade to ensure they are low in salt and sugar, and no MSG is used in any food preparation. Milk, cheese products and honey are imported from Australia, New Zealand and Europe. All meat must be stamped as Government Inspected before it can be used. The school nurse also checks kitchen staff daily.

To view a sample menu, please click on the link below. Our current weekly menu is posted at the main reception every Monday.

If your child has any special dietary requirements or food allergies, please let the school know during your application. If you would like to discuss the food in more detail please arrange a meeting with the school nurse.

Sample Menu

Food Pictures