Healthy & Happy

We care for your child

It is very important to us that all of our students remain safe and healthy while they are in our care. We have a thorough system in place to ensure that everyone at Sky Avenues receives the highest standards of provision.



Your childs safety is paramount and as such we have full-time security guards on site during school hours.

With the exception of drop off and collection times, the school gates are kept locked. All visitors must have approval from the Principal (or the relevant staff member) and a Visitors Pass.

All families are issued with a Student ID card and this must be used every time you enter or leave the campus. The ID card contains your childs details and photos of all family members and any adults who are allowed to collect your child from school.

We never release children from our care without being sure we first know the adult and that they have the relevant permission.


A clean and safe environment

Providing a safe, healthy and enriching environment plays a vital part in the education of young children. As such, we ensure that all areas are cleaned and disinfected to the highest standard and checked daily by our school nurse. All areas have detailed cleaning schedules clearly posted so that parents can view these.


Healthy Kids

Sky Avenues employs a full time School Nurse to ensure the health of our children and staff. If any child feels unwell, teachers will contact the school nurse and she can assess them in our quiet and comfortable Nurses Room.


Everyone entering our campus undergoes a quick temperature check to ensure that the spread of illnesses is kept to a minimum. If any childs temperature rises above 37.5C, their parents will automatically be called and they will be kept in the Nurses Room while the parents come and collect them.


For further information, parents may view a copy of our Health & Safety Policy.